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Piano Player Ability Rating: Beginner

As I learned, many of you are self-taught piano players and never had a piano class. I try to cover several popular mistakes in piano-playing techniques that we are prone to do.

About Yaya by 6ix9ine

The song, YAYA was released on .

Listen YAYA on Spotify, see wikipedia entry for more details.

certainly liked to challenge himself when recording! He’s an artist of considerable imagination packed with stylistic authenticity. Here, his perfectly judged harmonies merges with the distinctive flair for melodies.
This song conforms to convenient symmetrical pattern for the Pop-song: YAYA is composed in a binary verse-chorus form that consist of two four-bar phrases. Both sections are repeated before a short coda. It's perfect for those with elementary skills. This piece fits well under the fingers, it makes coherent musical sense and it’s not too hard to memorize.

Practical Tips for Piano Playing

✋ Before touching the piano keys, warm up your fingers and wrists with slow and soft circular motions and moderate stretching, rotate your shoulders and arms.

Instead of sight-reading the piece as it is, get to know snippets of the music bit by bit. Break the piece down into tiny units (enough to hold in our working memory) at the speed of no mistakes (this might be extremely slowly to start with) and with the mind fully engaged. To begin with, practice hands separately. Practice each piece no more than three repetitions in a row as you risk to decrease your ability to concentrate (a phenomenon known as habituation), and this is when sloppy mistakes can easily creep in.
⌚ Work on the hardest bits first without caring about technical difficulties — repetition and practice will do the job and you will learn the sheet music faster than you think. You might focus on just one or two sections in a single practice session if you are learning the piano notes for the first time.
Don’t always begin at the beginning; if we you able to start from any section you will be much more secure in performance.

Count out loud to ensure precise rhythm. By counting I mean a tA-ta, tA-ta, not an old inefficient one-and, two-and. Use a metronome app.

Make sure to arch the fingers. This is crucial for the health of your wrists and palms. Slacking your fingers will overwork them and cause strain. Keep relaxed, flexible wrists, hands and arms when playing YAYA — a flexible wrist allows producing a warm sound. Both hands should play smoothly (tenuto) if not indicated the opposite (staccato) although not with the fingers glued to the keys.

Focus from the very beginning primarily on phrasing. With the right technique, a pianist’s phrasing can be as persuasive as a singer’s. Create the illusion of a singing piano by
  1. accenting strong beats,
  2. playing the first bar of any phrase louder than the last bar,
  3. peaking near the highest-pitched note of a phrase.

Guard against a bar-by-bar approach — phrases don’t obey the barlines.

How to Memorize Sheet Music

Start memorizing YAYA from the very beginning. Use the sheet music as a hint and avoid looking at a paper sheet (or a monitor) as long as you can when rehearsing the music piece.
Read the score in bed in the evening, analyse the whole piece to see where the different themes were, and to find out what the 6ix9ine message was.
Sing original lyrics, la-la-la or ta-ta-ta, or simply hum the melody out loud, so you can easily memorize the notes.
In the left hand there are only four chords that are repeated for the whole song. It takes nothing to remember only four chords instead of 100 bars of an accompaniment.
✍ And the last, be artistic, be creative. Print the pdf, take correction fluid and a black pen and add or delete whatever you want in this arrangement.

How to Play YAYA Sheet Music

Start learning the score music with the Right Hand part. To begin with, play the melody line by itself to develop a confident mastery over the shorter 4th and 5th fingers. The fifth finger is firm with all knuckles supported, the arm aligned behind it on every note. Keep your wrist and hand loose and relaxed as you do this.
After getting familiar with the RH, focus on the LH. Practice the LH alone here to ensure a rich and mellow bass. This is one of those pieces where the bulk of the practicing will be devoted to an accompaniment.

The LH is generally soft throughout. Ensure that the LH line is always softer than the RH. The LH is the rhythmic foundation over which the dramatic RH melody shines.
Using one long pedal held for a whole bar creates a fabulous resonance.

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