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Here is a new song in my piano sheet music archive. The original amateur interpretation of a tune. This sheet music is created in a transformative manner (transcription). Plus, music notes in the arrangement doesn't copy any existing material.
Piano Player Ability Rating: Intermediate
Two versions: Easy and Advanced.

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About Sam Smith & Demi Lovato — I'm Ready

The song, I'm Ready was released on . certainly liked to challenge himself when writing!
I'm Ready is composed in a binary verse-chorus form that consist of two four-bar phrases. Both sections are repeated before a short coda.
This song follows the universal model for the Pop-song. Its rhythmic basis is sustained throughout, so the LH’s primary duty will be to provide an even footing.

Common Practical Tips for Pianists

Before touching the piano keys, warm up your fingers and wrists with slow and soft circular motions and moderate stretching. Rotate your shoulders and arms.

To begin with, practise hands separately, slowly, and in small pieces of one-two bars.
Practise the harder passages first and do it frequently.

Count out loud to ensure precise rhythm. By counting I mean a tA-ta, tA-ta, not an old inefficient one-and, two-and.
Accent strong beats and play the first bar of any phrase louder than the last bar.

Make sure to arch your fingers. This is crucial for the health of your wrists and palms.
Slacking your fingers will overwork them and cause strain.
Keep relaxed, flexible wrists, hands and arms when playing I'm Ready.
A flexible wrist allows producing a warm sound.
Both hands should play smoothly (legato) if not indicated the opposite (staccato).

This piece certainly benefits from the added warmth of the pedal, but keep control of your pedalling and listen carefully for any smudges.
Using one long pedal held for a whole bar creates a fabulous resonance.

Free and easy piano sheet music with direct digital preview of music notes. All credits go to songwriters. The arrangement in sheet music is transformative. Sam Smith Demi Lovato I'm Ready piano sheets


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