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Here is a new song in my piano sheet music archive. The original amateur interpretation of a tune. This sheet music is created in a transformative manner. Plus music notes in the arrangement doesn't copy any existing material.

Piano Player Ability Rating: Beginner

There are three versions, from easy to intermediate.

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Was planning to make it easy to read and clean so just wanna make sure everyone can get a hand on it

Easy PDF (2 Star Ver.)

Short MINIBINI Version

How to play this sheet music

Black Swan is composed in a binary verse-chorus form. Both sections are repeated before a short coda.
This song follows the traditional model for the pop form. Its rhythmic basis is sustained throughout, so the LH’s principal duty will be to provide a rock-steady footing.
Black Swan score requires arduous effort. I will ad an easier one if this page will be popular.

Piano Playing Method

Accuracy in articulation are essential for playing Black Swan piano sheet music.
Your tone should be warm and gentle. It should impart the lilting feel of a lullaby. Figuratively speaking, you should communicate a sense of comfort, ease, or pleasantness. To sound quietly, keep your fingers close to the keys and do some firm practice from the knuckles.
The articulation in this piece is tricky because it alternates between legato and staccato.
Accent every note, varying the accents each time you play. Once played lightly and up to speed, the ornament should flow naturally.
It’s worth trying out this technique for the entire song.

Among the hardest facets of piano playing is controlling a lightness of attack, and when coupled with playing at a faster speed, a reliable warm-hearted leggiero touch must rank as among the most prized piano skills.

The patterns in verses can become repetitive if not coloured imaginatively and played with rhythmic stamina.

Right Hand

Listen to the actual track Black Swan as you begin to learn the arrangement, in order to balance parts in left and right hands.

In playing any piano transcription of a song, the aim is to give the impression of singers (the RH) that is being accompanied by a sensitive pianist (the LH). Imagine a duet between a band and a singer, so color the two hands differently. Coordinating the parts may take some time to organise convincingly.

The RH here plays a melody (topline) and the LH provides some harmony (accompaniment). First separate the melody from the accompaniment in the LH. Try singing the melody as you play, so you can mentally separate the topline from the accompaniment in the LH.

Practise slowly at first, giving a distinct emphasis on the topline while playing the accompaniment as gently and as evenly as possible.

Don’t forget to bring dynamic colour to your performance by quickly moving from piano to forte; play every new part with different volume.

Left Hand

After getting familiar with the RH, focus on the LH. The LH is generally soft throughout. This is one of those pieces where the bulk of the practising will be devoted to an accompaniment.

A relaxed wrist will help you to balance sound so that all notes sound with the same volume.
Make full use of the pedal when calculating how best to present BTS composers’ ingenious harmonies.
The music features an Alberti bass (a broken chord or arpeggiated accompaniment built from triads), and this can be learned easily by memorising them as a chord. Avoid tension in the wrist and hand (a danger with repeated patterns) by releasing the muscles swiftly.
Practise the LH alone here to ensure a rich and mellow bass.


This piece certainly benefits from the added warmth of the pedal, but keep control of your pedalling and listen carefully for any smudges.

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Free and easy piano sheet music with direct digital preview of music notes.
All credits go to songwriters. The arrangement in sheet music is transformative.

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