Dean Lewis — Waves Piano Sheets

The original amateur interpretation of a tune. This sheet music is created in an transformative manner. The arrangement doesn't copy any existing material.

The song appeared in episode four of series one of Riverdale, episode 10 of series seven of Suits and in episode 12 of series two of Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.

In an interview with Stack Magazine in May 2017, Lewis explained: "A lot of people think it's about relationships, but it's more about how with every year [that] passes, life gets a little bit less exciting. I was in London a year ago and a few music things were happening, and I'm like 'Why am I not really enjoying my life? Like, this is cool!' Then I remembered when I was 15 and you'd go to a house party and you'd be so excited, or going to the movies with your friends. Where has that feeling gone?"

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Free and easy piano sheet music with digital preview.
All credits go to the songwriters. The arrangement is transformative.

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